If you are wondering if it makes sense to sell your house right now, the short answer is Yes. Home prices are rising for the most fundamental of reasons, Supply and Demand! We all hear stories about how interest rates, inflation, and all sorts of economic and social factors are affecting the housing market. But in the end, prices are still rising in most areas for one fundamental reason, there are more buyers than there are sellers. That doesn’t mean certain areas aren’t having a harder time than others, but in general across the DC region and nationwide, there are many more buyers than homes available. However, while many potential sellers are finding their current house to be too big, too small, or insufficient because needs have changed, they are holding off on making a move. Why?

Here are some answers to common questions from sellers.

With the tight market, I won’t be able to find my next home.  This could be a legitimate problem. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways we can help you handle it. If your home is in good shape, in a sought after neighborhood, and priced correctly, chances are you will get multiple offers from buyers. This puts the seller in the drivers seat. What if you could close in 45 days and have a rent back from the buyer for another 45 days? That would give you 90 days to find and settle on your new home. Another option would be a bridge loan. This would allow you to buy your next home first using a bridge loan, then when you sell your current home afterwards, you would use those proceeds to pay down the bridge loan and convert the remainder into a standard 15- or 30-year mortgage. We can help you walk through these steps. This completely takes away any fear of not being able to find the next home you want, and your current home should sell quickly.

I need the equity in my current home to buy my next. The best option here that would allow you to move immediately may again be a bridge loan. Not only does this loan allow you to find your next home first, but it also allows you to do so without first freeing up the equity in your current home.

I have so much stuff in my home, I don’t know how to get out!  Many sellers delay moving for a very practical reason. They don’t know how to get all their stuff out of the house! Here, we can be of help again. We have experts who can go through your house and help you decide what will go with you to your next place, what may have value at an auction, what you could donate for a tax deduction, and what is simply junk. Not only will they help you label each item as such, but they will actually do the work for you in getting the things out of the house. But let’s suppose you like all your stuff, want to take it with you, but know you need to have it out of the house in order to sell for the best price. We have moving companies who will store your excess items for free for up to one year, if you are then going to use them for the actual move to your next home. We can help make your move easy!