Selling your home quickly and at the price you are asking is every homeowner’s dream. While the market may seem complicated and ever-changing, there are several constants to keep in mind during the home selling process.

Tidy Up

Be sure your home is neat and tidy before potential buyers arrive. Give it a once over and make sure nothing is getting in the way of buyers seeing how well loved and cared for your home is. Dirty or cluttered homes turn buyers off quickly, and the extra time you put into cleaning up will be well worth it.

Hit the Road

Never remain at home during showings or Open Houses. Your goal is to get buyers to explore your home, perhaps lingering to imagine the possibility of living there themselves. You being there could make them uncomfortable, leading to a shorter visit.

Price to Sell

Often the key to how quickly a home sells is directly related to price. It is extremely important to set a realistic, competitive price that attracts buyer attention. We can provide you with pricing recommendations based on local market conditions and sales of comparable properties