Homes need continuous maintenance to ultimately sell for top dollar. Planning to invest one to four percent of your home’s value in maintenance costs each year is a great way to avoid losing home value!

1) Interior

If you invest time in some simple maintenance, you can keep the inside of your home looking like new. Some tasks your home may need include re-painting the walls, re-stripping and re-sealing wood, or re-staining trim and built-ins. Some more complicated repairs may involve replacing worn or outdated floors or replacing dated fixtures.

2) Exterior

Taking time each year to maintain the exterior of your home will help ensure your home doesn’t take in excessive damage-causing moisture. Some tasks you should complete each year include cleaning and repairing your gutters/downspouts, inspecting and repairing your roof, and cleaning and repairing your home’s siding.

3) Systems

Part of keeping your home in good condition is ensuring your systems are running safely. Cleaning your chimney flue, replacing air filters, and having your HVAC inspected each spring and fall can keep your home operating efficiently and prolong the life of your systems.

4) Landscaping

Keeping your outdoor structures and landscaping in good condition is also important. Keep an eye out for erosion issues, rodent infestations, and dangerous trees. You should also refinish your deck, fence, and other wood structures semi-annually.

5) Improvements

Taking the time each year to redo one room in your home is a great way to ensure you home never becomes completely outdated. Remodeling a bathroom one year, a bedroom the next, and the kitchen in another is a great way to spread out projects and keep your home looking fresh.